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Hikes, Trails & Eco-Tours

We've taken over 10,000 persons outdoors

on 30 signature hikes, trails & eco-tours


We offer over 20 
hikes & eco-tours.

Beaches - L' Eau Michel Beach & Volcano, Forest Point, Cyril, Maraqueet Bay, 100 Steps, Sandy Bay, Salt Pond

Pool/Waterfalls - Aripo, 3 Pools, Blue Basin, Balandra, Avocat, Mermaid Pools, Maracas, RioSeco, Turure Steps.

Eco-Tours - Turtle Watching, Gasparee Caves, Aripo Cottage, Lopinot Estate, Caroni Swamp.


Hike prices are per person

unless a flat fee is stated.

2-3 Persons - $500 (flat fee)

4-6 Persons - $750 (flat fee)

7-14 Persons - $125 per Person 

15-30 Persons - $100 per Person


All our Hikes & Eco-Tours 

include the following.

Basic Hike/Eco-Tour, Secure Parking, Waterboards, Noodles & Lifejacket.

Team Leaders, Tour Guides, Changing Tents, First Aid Kits, Rope & Machette.

Photographer (Optional)

Shuttle (Optional)


Tour prices per person 

with a minimum of 10.

Turlte Watching Tour - $100 TTD

Caroni Swamp Tour - $150 TTD

Pitch Lake & Wild Fowl - $175 TTD

Aripo Cottage Day Pass - $275 TTD

Gasparee Cave & Tour - $225 TTD

Cocoa & Parang Tour - $175 TTD


Fruit Bowls

Small - $10 per Person

Large - $15 per Person


Mixed Drinks

Add our signature selection of local drinks $35 per Person

Image by Annie Spratt

Shuttle Service

Add a group transfer via

Maxi from $1000 TTD

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