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5 Post Quarantine Activities

Updated: May 5, 2020

In preparation for a Post Quarantine World have you given any thought to the first outdoor activity you're going to do? Well, we have so we made list for you, enjoy.


1. Bake & Shark Pump

Although this list can be done in any order we strongly recommend that you do this first. To do anything else would be to risk your Trini citizenship. We mean it. Getting a Bake & Shark on Maracas Beach should be the third meal you have right out of quarantine after two Doubles with slight and ah Real Deal. Don't you worry about Hot Gyal Summer that got cancelled months ago. On your way back stop at the lookout and grab a rum snow cone.

2. Matura Turtle Watching

Did you know its turtle nesting season and would still be even after quarantine. Yes the annual invasion of the Leatherbacks to our shores runs from March to September. Say hello to our ocean friends Raphael, Michelangelo, Leonardo and Donatello and check the HikeNation Website for upcoming tour dates -

3. DDi Yacht Charter

"Ahhh, nothing like the smell of banana boat sunscreen and fresh fish on a Saturday morning" Going down the islands for us is like a weekend ritual. A necessary one to undertake, cleanse yourself of the Rona Jumbie with a baptism in the cool waters of Scotland Bay. Some of us need a reminder of what the ocean looks like. Don't forget to bring the White OAK. Chaser is usually on us. Book your own private group charter online -

4. Sunday Hike Adventure

Now this list would be incomplete without a Sunday hike. No, we have no intentions of taking you Everest. Relax, this isn't Man vs Wild. But you must admit, you miss the bush don't you? The sweet smell of the morning forest, boldface Matura mosquitoes buzzing in your ears. Once quarantine is over you can finally let yourself free from the cage of social isolation and discover a new waterfall & river in our beautiful twin island.

5. Long Solo Drives

Lastly go for a drive. Yes, a long solo drive with no particular purpose, free of the road blocks and traffic. Just you and the old 2018 soca on your USB. Go San Fernando hill, the Boardwalk, even Toco. Ok maybe not Toco that's a stretch. We want you back home before the end of the year. As it turns out, long solo drives are great for creativity. They calm your anxiety, help you overcome mental blocks and put your life into perspective. Something we all need after dealing with the whole of 2020.



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