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Paracord Bracelet

$150.00 TTD
5-in-1 Tool
In stock
Product Details
Brand: Ridge & Canyon

Stay on top of your game in the high country with our feature-packed 5-in-1 Survival Bracelet, crafted together with a Strong Grade of Utilitarian Paracord Rope that has wide-ranging survival applications, as well as everyday practical uses. Also equips you with 4 additional survival tools that'll get you ready to tackle the wilderness without stuffing your backpack or weighing yourself down.

  • Tie up your gear, or tie down your tent or tarp.
  • Hang up your hammock, lights, or other gear.
  • Lash together timbers to build a raft or shelter.
  • Use the inner core for fishing lines or repairs.
  • Improvise a splint or sling for an injured limb.
  • Create a rescue line if drowning or stuck.
  • Use the Bright colored rope as a trail marker.
  • Use the compass to Navigate
  • Start a fire with the Ferro Rod
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